Education By Innovation

Welcome to California School Inc. A thoughtful, provocative, and dedicated nongovernmental organization inspired to modernize our educational paradigm. Since 2016 California School has continuously designed, beta-tested, and deployed technologies with an informed student-centric mission to improve our teaching, classrooms, schools, and communities.

By exploring, beta-testing, and improvising how students and educators communicate, collaborate, and learn, California School is continually advancing the limits of current technologies by building tomorrow’s classrooms today.

Furthermore, some educational technology initiatives have an intended impact on avoiding, alleviating, or reducing the transmission of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. California School Inc. is working hard to do just that; for illustration, our universal Library Email initiatives consist of online learning components employing voice assistant technologies to mitigate in-person contact while facilitating social distancing, collaboration, and learning.

When our classrooms and public libraries are empty because of sudden emergency school closures due to our global pandemic, our towns, cities, and communities need prompt, reliable, and trusted academic solutions.

This is why we don’t stand by for our local, state, and federal approval; we act, we design, we produce, we experiment, we engage, and we deploy real-world functioning educational Internet sites to demonstrate to academia the pedagogical achievement benefits of our educational initiatives.

For this specific reason, and many others, we are genuinely distinct from conventional educational nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations. California School Inc. is and always will be powered by students, emboldened by parents, and devoted as educators to act in the here and now.

Our school board meetings, press conferences by politicians, and self-appointed educational experts have been filled with “sayers” and not enough “doers” for far too long. California School Inc. aspires to be a “doer” and not merely a “talker.” This is why we are committed to school choice.

The sense of urgency is legitimate for parents like you, our schools, cities, and towns. Our California School academic achievement commitment and aspirations to empowering our students, their families, and educators with crucial technologies like online learning, email, Artificial Intelligence, and many others are continuous and ongoing.

Academic achievement can accomplish living up to our Mission & Vision.

Therefore California School Inc. is devoted to fulfilling our Mission & Vision by performing four essential pubic benefit services:

Professional Development
Provide opportunities for educators through conferences, workshops, tours, and webinars.

Legislative Advocacy
A coherent, directed, and conscientious voice in legislative action relating to education legislation, such as advocating for smaller class sizes and school choice.

Providing opportunities for educators to collaborate, test, and improve curriculum and instruction online.

Resource/Lesson sharing
Open access for educators, our curriculum, and educational initiatives.

We invite you to contact us now to understand further about the who, what, where, when, why, and how we can together proactively collaborate to genuinely modernize our schools for our students, educators, and schools.

California School Inc. looks forward to diligently working with your mayor, governor, superintendent, school district, college, university, parents, business leaders, and other stakeholders for our children’s education and future well-being in our global race for Fourth Industrial Revolution dominance.

I’m not just the founder and president of California School Inc.; I’m also a veteran inner-city educator at the high school, middle school, and elementary school grade levels. Let’s work together to get the job done for our students, their families, and teachers. Education by innovation!

Hilaire Fuji Shioura