Frequently Asked Questions

What is California School Inc.?

California School Inc. is an educational nonprofit committed to revolutionizing teaching and learning in our schools and colleges. We’ve been advocating for the modernization of education since 2016, preparing our students and educators for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How is California School Inc. different from other educational institutions?

Unlike institutions that follow the traditional STEM model or its variants like STREAM or STEAM, we offer a unique, technology-centric educational model called ASPIRE. It focuses on Artificial Sciences, Programming, Internetworking, Robotics, and Ecology, which are essential for preparing students for a technologically advanced future.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and why should we prepare?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new era in which technology is becoming even more embedded in our everyday lives. Advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things characterize it. Preparing for it means equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this new age.

What does ASPIRE stand for?

ASPIRE stands for Artificial Sciences, Programming, Internetworking, Robotics, and Ecology. These five pillars form the backbone of our curriculum, aiming to prepare our students to be innovators and leaders in the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How can I join California School Inc.?

Whether you’re an educator, student, parent, lawmaker, politician, influencer, or advocate for modern education, we welcome you to join us. Visit our “Join Us” page on our website for more information about how you can become part of our ASPIRE community.

How can I support California School Inc.’s mission?

There are numerous ways to support our mission of modernizing education. You can donate, volunteer, partner, or even discuss our work. Check out our “Support Us” page for more information.

Where can I learn more about your programs and curriculum?

Please contact us to learn more about our unique ASPIRE curriculum and other initiatives to prepare our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Why does you Internet address say california.ngo?

The international Internet address extension NGO is exclusively for verified and trusted Non-Governmental Organizations. To learn more visit www.thenew.org